For many children growing up in rural Haiti, it’s hard to dream of a brighter future. Yet Wilsmith had many hopes and dreams as he grew up going to school.


At age 12 he hoped to become a pilot. At age 16 he wanted to become a doctor. Now age 20, he understands that sponsorship is what allowed him to have these hopes and dreams!


Wilsmith’s father tragically died when he was 10 years old, leaving his mom a widow with no way to provide for her children. When she was unable to afford school tuition, Wilsmith was forced to drop out of school.

Yet God had other plans, and Wilsmith was chosen for sponsorship! This blessing provided an opportunity for Wilsmith to continue in school and a reason to dream!

Last summer, Wilsmith graduated high school. It was a tremendous accomplishment as only one in three students in Haiti graduate, and an even smaller percentage in rural areas.


Unfortunately, graduation came in the midst of a very difficult time. As gangs overtook many areas of Haiti, Wilsmith’s dream of furthering his education at a university in Port-au-Prince was put on hold.


Thankfully, this did not stop Wilsmith from doing good. Over the last year he has chosen to pay forward the education that he was blessed to receive!

Wilsmith spent the last year filling in as a 5th grade teacher at the same school where he graduated. What an excellent way to help out as roadblocks caused teachers shortages in the rural areas. Next year, Wilsmith plans to attend a university just 45 minutes north of Williamson to study economics. When asked what his first step will be in his pursuit of a college degree, Wilsmith answered – prayer!

“First, I have to pray to God, because nothing is impossible for God. I have to take the first step and God will help me. I want to work very hard.”


Wilsmith had the opportunity to meet his sponsor family several years ago. It was definitely a highlight for him growing up, and he hopes they are able to return to Haiti someday in the near future.


“First, I say thank you to my sponsors because they have supported me so much – in my primary studies and my secondary studies. I don’t have anything I can offer to them, but God will reward them. Thank you so much.”


We are so thankful to the Schow Family for giving Wilsmith the opportunity to attend school. We are also grateful for the young man that Wilsmith has become and how he is paying forward the education he was blessed to receive. Sponsorship is changing lives!