Sadly, the struggles in Haiti continue. Gang violence, malnutrition, political uncertainty, and deep poverty persist. Thankfully, your ongoing generosity is a tangible reminder to the people of Haiti that even in the midst of trials, God is still good. 


  • When you provide education for a child in Haiti, you are reflecting God’s kindness and goodness. 
  • When you pray against the evil in Haiti, you are demonstrating God’s justice and righteousness.
  • When you give to those living in poverty, you are showing God’s compassion and love.
  • When you support the local Haitian church in sharing the gospel, you are a picture of God’s mercy and forgiveness. 


Until Jesus returns and “makes all things new,” let’s pray without ceasing, give generously, and reflect Jesus to the people of Haiti… together. 


Here’s What’s Happening in Haiti! 


A young mother named Adlana was given a grant to purchase goods in bulk and start a new business. 


She is now selling these food staples from her home to earn a living and provide for her small family.


Her smile says it all!

Marie is learning to sew! 


She is attending the sewing program at the World Wide Village sewing center. 


Marie started by learning about patterns and measurement (ruler & notebook pictured) and is excited about the opportunity for a new livelihood.

As families in Haiti continue to struggle with poverty, even purchasing basic school supplies has become difficult. Over the last several months since school opened, you have helped provide school essentials for so many students. Dolens, Ted, Cathalia and Jamesley (pictured above) are just a few of those students blessed with school essentials. Thank you! 

Last week, preschool students in the Williamson School received Vitamin A and de-worming medication!


This vitamin program is helping promote health for our youngest students.


At a time when malnutrition continues to rise, this program is so very important. 

Thank you again for your ongoing support of World Wide Village. You are truly making an impact in Haiti, month after month!