Life in Haiti continues to be a struggle, but over the last month we have watched God faithfully answer prayer.


  • All of our World Wide Village staff members are safe. Even after fleeing homes due to gang violence, they have sought safety and God has been their shelter and shield.


  • The roads leading north to St. Marc and south to Arcahaie are now clear. Several roadblocks have been removed creating better access to food and medication.
  • WWV programs continue to serve the community – Sant Sante Espwa is open and offering medical care, the wells continue to provide fresh water, students are learning at the sewing school and the goat program continues to grow.


  • The majority of schools across Haiti remain closed due to the threat of violence. One benefit to serving in the rural areas is less gang presence. This has allowed some of the schools in Williamson and Luly to open their doors to students. This is definitely an answer to prayer! Many of the teachers are also providing tutoring in their local neighborhoods to keep students from falling behind.
  • The main fuel terminal held by gangs in Port-au-Prince last month was taken back by the Haitian National Police. This is a tremendous answer to prayer as Haiti depends upon fuel to power cell towers, hospital generators and so much more.


  • On Giving Tuesday, you helped provide sponsorships for 52 new students to attend school this year. An amazing blessing!


We are so very thankful for these answers to prayer. Please continue to pray for the people of Haiti. God hears!


  • Many areas of Haiti are heavily under gang control. Kidnapping, violence, rape and murder are all too prevalent in these areas. Please pray for continued safety for our staff members in these areas and others who are living in fear. 


  • Please pray that all schools across Haiti would be able to fully open soon and for safety for students.
  • With roadblocks making it difficult for vehicles to get in and out of Port-au-Prince, banks in the rural areas cannot access cash. Please pray for access to funds so we can continue to pay our staff, purchase medication for Sant Sante Espwa, food for the schools, feed for the goats and many other items essential to our programs.


  • Cholera is spreading throughout the country and starting to hit the rural areas like Williamson and Luly. Our medical staff members are providing community education on how to stay healthy. Please pray for health for our communities.


  • Ask God to bring peace, justice, righteousness and stability to Haiti. But let justice roll on like a river, righteousness like a never-failing stream!” Amos 5:24 


Gifts of Hope


As you continue to pray for Haiti, please consider giving a year-end gift this December. There are so many ways to gift hope! 


You have an extraordinary opportunity to bring hope by providing medical care, school lunches and university education. You can help families rebuild by offering new livelihoods and point children to the hope of Christ through Bible Clubs!