Over the last several years the World Wide Village supported schools in Haiti have been growing and thriving. Thanks to our amazing student sponsors, more and more children in rural Haiti are able to attend school without the burden of paying tuition. This is fantastic news!

As more and more students head to school in Williamson and Luly, some of the classrooms in the schools are bursting at the seams. This is definitely a great problem that we are thankful to have! To address the issue of space, World Wide Village has taken several steps to help get more kids in schools without overcrowded classrooms. A new preschool classroom was built just last month at the school in Luly, opening up space for the younger students to learn, play, sing and do all the noisy things that little people do without interrupting the other classes. Very exciting!

World Wide Village has also started expanding sponsorship to other schools in the area. Several years ago we started a sponsorship program at Armee du Salut in Luly. This partnership has allowed the school to keep its doors open and thrive! The school is now able to consistently pay teachers and educate their students and we are so thankful for that success, only possible because of our wonderful sponsors.


Pictured: Armee du Salut School in Luly


Over the last year, World Wide Village has also expanded its sponsorship program to a number of other schools in the area. The “Brazil School” nicknamed for its colors that match the Brazilian flag (and soccer team jerseys!) now has nearly 50 sponsored students. Several sponsored students are also attending The National School – a school funded in part by the Haitian government – as well as several smaller elementary schools run by local churches.

We are very encouraged by these new partnerships and feel that we can have an even greater impact in the community by expanding our reach. All of the schools are Haitian-led schools that share the same goal of ending the cycle of illiteracy and poverty in Haiti. These new partnerships also give families in Williamson and Luly the ability to choose where their children attend school within the community while continuing to be part of the sponsorship program.

Pictured: The “Brazil School” in Williamson

Pictured: The Good Samaritan School & The National School in Luly