“Keep fighting the good fight. Keep letting your light shine. ‘Cause I’m never gonna leave you, always gonna see you through to the other side. Keep fighting the good fight.”


These lyrics of a popular Christian song are inspiring and a good reminder that God is always with us as we continue to let our light shine in Haiti.


Last Thursday marked one year since the assassination of Haitian president Jovenel Moise that has brought many challenges to Haiti. The political vacuum has led to gangs fighting in the streets and kidnappings becoming a daily occurrence. It has affected the lives of everyone in Haiti.


Many Haitian people are living in fear on a daily basis. Food, medication and supplies are difficult to access for those living in the rural areas and prices continue to rise. Like a missionary recently said, “The people are hungry, the hungry are starving and the churches are mourning.”


In spite of these immense challenges, God is still working! 


The majority of people in Haiti continue to work toward a brighter future for their families. They desire a stable government, safe streets and they spend their days working hard and praying for their country.


Thank you for joining with the people of Haiti in “fighting the good fight and letting your light shine!”  Here’s what’s happening in Haiti… 

One of the goals of World Wide Village is to provide sustainable jobs for those living in rural Haiti. This month we’re celebrating three families who have been impacted by your generosity through small business grants and vocational training. THANK YOU!



What do these two items have in common? They are building sustainable jobs!


Read Roseline and Kelitha’s stories to learn more about how these everyday items have provided a new livelihood and how they’re used in Haiti.



At age 14, Bensky Jacquet’s life turned upside down.


When his father unexpectedly passed away, Bensky thought his future dreams of finishing school were over.

Thankfully, sponsorship made it possible for Bensky to continue and finish secondary school.


“Sponsorship was a tremendous blessing,” said Bensky.


Today he’s finishing up vocational school in plumbing and cell phone technology and looking at a brighter future. Read Bensky’s story!