So many individuals and families are blessed each month thanks to your generosity! Here’s a look at just a few of those who have been impacted by you over the last month. 


When the main breadwinner of a family passes away, it can be devastating for a family in Haiti. Two years ago, Achenaika and Fael’s father passed away while working as a fisherman.

Since then, their mother has tried to provide, even traveling to the Dominican Republic to work, but it’s been a struggle.

Grandma Francois lives with the family, but she is losing her sight which makes life even more difficult.


Last month, the Francois family received a small business grant to purchase charcoal in bulk (used by most families in rural Haiti for cooking). They will sell the charcoal from their home to earn a living and provide for their children. Even better, Achenaika and Fael are both sponsored to attend school!


What a blessing for this family to get back on track since the death of their father and breadwinner. Our hope is that this business and sponsorship will be a sustainable way to help them fight poverty.



Due to poverty, families in Haiti often go months without seeking medical care. Sometimes mild health concerns can become severe if not treated. Thanks to you, children in the sponsorship program do not have to wait to access care!  Sponsorship has so many benefits. Access to medical care is one of those benefits that sometimes gets overlooked, but is so very important.


Kevin Joseph is a 2nd grade student at the Good Samaritan School. Last month, Kevin missed school due to major swelling and pain in his knee and thigh. Sondy Villeneus is a 9th grade student at the Luly School. He badly injured his leg in an accident last month and needed extensive wound care.


Both Kevin and Sondy are healing, thanks to the ability to receive the best medical care in the area. Sponsors, you are making this possible!


At a time when malnutrition is at an all-time high, our sponsored students and their families are immensely thankful for school lunches.

Pictured, are students in Williamson being welcomed inside the gate to check in with their ID card. Sponsored students flock to their after-school lunch program ready to eat!


Congratulations to our very own Gessica on the birth of her first baby! Gessica works as a nurse at Sant Sante Espwa. She coordinates the blood pressure program and also assists our midwife in caring for moms, babies, and children.
She is a blessing to many people in her community each and every day!
Baby Laszlo was born on Wednesday, May 3rd. We are so happy for Gessica and her husband for this blessing from the Lord!