Denilson Joseph is a bright student going into 10th grade in Williamson, Haiti. His dream is to someday become a broadcast journalist on a local radio station in Haiti. He recently wrote a short essay entitled, “Why I Love Haiti” and we want to share his writing with you!  Enjoy.  


Why I Love Haiti by Denilson Joseph


That reason that I love Haiti is because it is my native country. I grew up here and who doesn’t love his homeland!? There are also other reasons that I love Haiti. We have an extraordinary climate, gorgeous beaches and sun. Also, Haitian cooking is very famous.

The reason that I love Haiti the most is because we were the first blacks to end slavery in the world. We are a people who are resilient, who know how to work hard and who are very hospitable. Everyone in Haiti has a brotherhood.

Despite a lot of suffering, the kids always fight to have a smiling face. If I continue to write I will never finish!  These are all the reasons I love Haiti.