Haiti Changes Everything – A Story of Baptism

Pictured: Nick & Kirsten Herkert with their sponsored student Nick & Kirsten Herkert are a wonderful young couple with a heart for Haiti and a heart for the Lord.  It’s been amazing to watch their transformation over the last year and a half since their first trip to Haiti. Sometimes God’s mission in Haiti is


  World Wide Village has been serving over 12 years in Haiti thanks to you. From schools and housing to agriculture and healthcare, you have been blessing the people of Haiti for over a decade.  We wanted to take this chance to say THANK YOU and show you a quick look at the last ten

January 2018 Field Update

It has been a very productive two weeks in Haiti so far this year. A team from Minnesota headed to Haiti right after the first of the year to make considerable progress on a few of the construction projects that needed completion. Here are a few highlights!  Medical Center: Work continues to complete our World

Cervical Health Awareness Month

Haiti has the highest reported rate of cervical cancer of any country in the world – 11 times higher than in the United States. Cervical cancer is called the “silent killer” because women often have no symptoms in the early stages. Often times there are no warning signs until the cancer has spread to the bladder, liver,

God’s Princess

Madi Marohn, Miss Minnesota Teen from the International Junior Miss Competition, was in Haiti last week on a short-term Impact Trip. She spent time with young Haitian girls talking about how their Heavenly Father views them as a princess. Here is a little note from Madi: “It was a blessing to be able to spend

Please Don’t Eat the Poinsettias!

If you grew up in a house like my childhood home, you probably heard something similar to this…. “Don’t eat the poinsettia, it’s poison”. Although poinsettias are absolutely harmless, the fact is that poison control centers across the nation receive thousands of calls this time of year from panicked folks whose kid or dog ate

Beautiful Feet

I never used to think much about God. I knew the ocean was pretty and that someone must have put it there. But now that I’m six, I am smarter and I KNOW that God loves me. Why else would God have sent you to help my family? When World Wide Village comes to visit they

Two babies!

It’s me again, Wosdana!   I have some sad news today. In the summer my mom had another baby in her tummy. When it was time for the baby to come out – TWO babies came out!  I have no idea how that happened.  We were so excited, but the babies didn’t live very long.  

An Education for Wosdana

Dear friend,   I have some big news! Even though I am old enough I never went to school because my mom couldn’t pay the school fees. That made me sad.  My mom always wanted me to go to school because she never learned to read.     Pictured: Siltamene, Vernice, Pierre, Wosdana and Mylove   Then one

Wosdana Baptiste

Pictured: Wosdana who couldn’t smile because she was hungry   Hi, My name is Wosdana. I am six years old and I live in Williamson, Haiti. It’s a long walk, but I can see the ocean from my house.  I like the cool breezes it gives us at night. My mom loves me very much, but sometimes