Dear friend,
I have some big news! Even though I am old enough I never went to school because my mom couldn’t pay the school fees. That made me sad.  My mom always wanted me to go to school because she never learned to read.
Pictured: Siltamene, Vernice, Pierre, Wosdana and Mylove
Then one day my mom told me that I could go to the World Wide Village school because I was sponsored.  I was so excited!  I think being sponsored means that God loves me and someone across the ocean loves me, too.
Now I go to school everyday with my brothers and sisters.  My teacher is helping me learn how to read and my mom is so proud of me. I love wearing my pretty yellow uniform and we even get to eat a yummy lunch everyday at school. It’s the best!
Pictured: Wosdana and her siblings at school!
You can help my school when you give a gift to World Wide Village. We need to have lots of teachers and schoolbooks and lunches and school supplies to teach all of my new friends!  
Thanks for reading my letter again. It’s fun to talk about my school and how much I love it. I want all kids in Haiti to go to school. You are so nice, I know you will help. My friends at World Wide Village say you’re the best.
Wosdana Baptiste