Byron Jones, Star Defensive Back for the Dallas Cowboys, Seeks to Make an Impact in Haiti.  Partnering with World Wide Village and their “NFC Fan Loyalty Competition”

A six-hour plane ride, less than 2,000 miles, from the artificial turf of AT&T Stadium in Dallas, Texas, home to the Dallas Cowboys, is the impoverished community of Williamson, Haiti, offering vast and heart-breaking differences. Suitable housing in Haiti continues to be a major shortcoming, with families crowded into substandard and unimaginable structures that are often home to six to eight adults and children.


Byron Jones, an uber-talented defensive back heading into his fourth year in the NFL, the Cowboys first round pick in 2015, sought out a location where he could make an impact. Mid-year 2017, Byron was introduced to Randy Mortensen, president of World Wide Village, a non-profit that’s been working in Haiti for more than thirteen years. Heather Sauber of Revive Endeavors, who experienced the dedication and the commitment to economic sustainability during her partnership with World Wide Village in Haiti, over the course of the past decade, facilitated the introduction.

Byron was seeking to make an impact, while experiencing first-hand the joy of seeing a family transformed when moving from literally a pile of blocks covered by tarps, with a dirt floor, to a modern, clean and safe cement block home. In the coming weeks Byron will have the opportunity to meet Siltamene, the hard working 39-year old Haitian mother with six children, who’s been wondering how her meager micro-financed marketplace store income would ever allow her to provide suitable housing for her family.

Throughout his college-playing career at UCONN and during his three seasons with Dallas, Byron has thrived on being challenged. Byron mentions often the phrase he lives by, words that his coaches have used time and time again, “It’s about winning the day, stacking good days on top of good days.”

Byron has been quoted as saying, “the mental aspect for me was always big. Never getting too high, and never getting too low. It is important to be consistent in all things in life.” ESPN analyst Mel Kiper Jr. said, “When you have versatility and you can test off the charts like Jones, that’s what places him at the top.”

Because of Byron’s commitment to “stacking good days” he’s providing funding and his personal strengths to participate in the World Wide Village “NFC Fan Loyalty Competition”. The initiative is to fund four homes for deserving families in Haiti, while allowing fans of NFL teams to exhibit their loyalty, by contributing to each of the 720-square foot homes, at a construction cost of only $15,000 each.

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World Wide Village envisions a time when education will be widespread in Haiti, leading to knowledge and faith that will be a catalyst for the reestablishment of the family unit, healthy children, and economic stability resulting in sustainable communities, while eradicating “chronic dependency”.

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