What joy it brings to be able to share that City on a Hill is moving forward thanks to your generosity to those in need this year.  Here is a look back at the progress that we have celebrated in 2015 and a sneak peek at 2016!

  • WWV purchased over six acres of land in Williamson, Haiti.  The land is beautiful with rolling mountains and a breathtaking view of the ocean.


  • A Haitian crew built two roads to the land.  One road travels from National Highway 1 and one travels from the town of Williamson.  These roads will provide access for the equipment needed to build the project as well as allow the villagers better access to the medical clinic and vocational school from different areas of Williamson.

IMG_0239    IMG_0240

  • Generous donors started a WWV goat herd and gave goats to local families.  Raising goats can be a  richly sustainable source of income for those living in rural areas of Haiti.  Developing more agriculture in Williamson is one pillar of City on a Hill.


  • World Wide Village partnered with Blue Ridge Ministries to dig a deep well!  As the drilling commenced, a team from Minnesota prayed with the Blue Ridge well drilling team and our Haitian friends.  We hoped to reach water on the first try.  God answered the prayers for an abundance of water!  Instead of the 15 gallons per minute we asked for, God gave us 45 gallons per minute.



  • Short-term mission teams built two chicken coops to start the process of raising egg laying and broiler chickens!  We now have chickens being raised by Mirielle and her family as this project gets started.


  • Our American construction team added a pump to the well to make water available to the people of Williamson.  There was such excitement in the community for the pump to be functioning and water to be flowing!

20151206_131200   Haitiwater

  • The team also poured the concrete foundations for the medical clinic, vocational school and Mirielle’s house beside the newly constructed chicken coop.  The team ran into some obstacles with bedrock on the property, but they were able to accomplish the task!  The prinicple of Degajé is alive and well — Haitian for whatever it takes!


So much to celebrate!  Here’s a sneak peek at the plans for the medical clinic to be built in 2016 and the overall plan for City on a Hill.

Medical Clinic Plans

City on a Hill Master Plan

Screen Shot 2015-12-23 at 4.14.29 PM


We still have financial need to be able to complete the medical clinic and vocational school as part of City on a Hill. Please consider giving toward this project which will provide a better future for many young Haitians looking to continue their education and thousands of Haitians of all ages with life-changing healthcare.  Consider donating today.