“I am the generation called to have BOLD faith, that dares to dream BIG, destined to be EXTRAORDINARY, and created to be a WORLD CHANGER.”  

Even though they may be young, these amazing kids are making BIG impact. Enjoy photos of just a few of the children who have blessed Haiti and World Wide Village. They are raising funds, raising awareness and raising our idea of what a world changer can look like!  

Drew raised over $450 for schoolbooks and uniforms for kids in Haiti by having a pop can drive at his school.      


Christopher and Danika volunteered at the Just1MoreStep race in Minnesota, which raised funds for City on a Hill. The next race is on May 6th in Andover, MN!


Aubrey created a short video to share what she learned in Haiti and used it to challenge others to step out in faith and go to Haiti, too!



Kendall and Grayson collected over $100 for WWV at their Backyard Bible Club by collecting a special offering each night for goats in Haiti.



Austin and Connor raised over $200 collecting Change for Chickens by going door-to-door in their neighborhood.


Abby recruited five new student sponsors by writing letters to friends and family to spread the word about how WWV is bringing education to children in Haiti and then had an opportunity to visit her sponsored student.



Kylee volunteered in the Run Luly Kid Zone in North Liberty, IA that raised funds for City on a Hill.  Then she had a chance to see City on a Hill up close and personal when she traveled to Haiti with WWV!  www.runluly.com


Danika, Grace and Ania used their craft skills to earn money to travel to Haiti and share the love of Christ.


After traveling to Haiti with World Wide Village and meeting the children in the schools, Ellie decided to give monthly of her own money to sponsor Christela Oscar, a child in the WWV school in Luly, Haiti.


Emma took a big step of faith when she traveled to Haiti to share the love of Christ and was baptized in the ocean, proclaiming her own faith in Jesus Christ!  

A special thanks to each of these youth for going above and beyond for the people of Haiti. We appreciate all you do for World Wide Village! Do you know of a child who has a heart for the people of Haiti and is being a WORLD CHANGER? Share your stories and your photos! www.facebook.com/world-wide-village