Updates from construction team member Greg Ackerson

December 6th – “Sometimes I wonder why some of us are lucky and born in the U.S., and some people are less fortunate and are born in impoverished countries. I don’t have the answer to that, but I think I know part of it. In the semi recent past our church focused on the old testament and the blessings of the Israeli nation. They were blessed not because they were better or special. They were blessed so that they could be a blessing to other nations. The old testament has many stories of Israel messing that up and instead of being a blessing, believing that they were special, chosen people. So instead of helping others, they became smug, self-important, and became more focused on keeping what they had than on helping others. At times that sentiment and attitude reminds me of us as Americans and myself specifically.20151206_130821    12347971_1123698950976008_4653740318636987640_n-2    Haitiwater

As we were watching the lines of Haitians coming up the hill, walking over a mile to get to the well and clean water, it struck me that we, just like the ancient Israelites, are blessed to be a blessing. It was an awesome experience to see the blessing we were providing to the Haitians with fresh clean water. It was also interesting to reflect on the fact that because of the Blessings that God has provided to us, we were able to then bless others.  God is great…..

Here are a couple more pictures of some of the people who came up to get water. It was a huge blessing to these people. Many of them were walking up to a mile with buckets and containers just to get the water and bring it home.”  Some were literally skipping home!

20151206_131200      20151206_134440

December 8th – Concrete was poured today for the foundation for the medical clinic!  The construction team poured the slab along with helping teach the Haitians a little more about how they pour slabs in the States. Tomorrow the plan is to frame up the foundation for the vocational school.  So thankful for the progress of this amazing team!