If you haven’t heard, there is an amazing opportunity to earn a FREE trip to Haiti through World Wide Village!  It’s pretty simple…

  • STEP 1: Sign up to become a World Wide Village Ambassador. The only requirement of a WWV Ambassador is to have a heart for serving the people of Haiti. Read more HERE.  
  • STEP 2: As a WWV Ambassador we want to reward you for your service to the people of Haiti. What better way than to help you visit the people you’re serving more often! Once you are a WWV Ambassador, you will be eligible to earn 10% off the cost of a trip to Haiti for EACH NEW SPONSOR you recruit! 1 new sponsor = $105 off your next trip; 2 new sponsors = $210 off your next trip; 3 new sponsors = $315 off your next trip, etc… 10 new sponsors = FREE trip to Haiti! *Not including airfare

Spread the word about the World Wide Village Student Sponsorship Program with neighbors and family.  Share on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram. Host a Sponsorship Sunday at your church, share with your book club, co-workers or softball team.   E-mail, text, call…even send snail mail to let your circle of friends know how important education is for the children of Haiti and how $32 per month (the cost of one dinner out) can change the life of a child!  

E-mail Kim Anderson at kanderson@worldwidevillage.org for more information and for resources to help you get started.