When Edens’ father left his family many years ago, Edens took on a heavy load. As the man of the house, he felt a burden to take care of his family. 

Now 22 years old, Edens helps his mom with his six siblings, attends college classes on the weekends, and works to provide for his family.

While the last two years have been very difficult for everyone in Haiti, the last year has been even more of a struggle for Edens and his family.

Edens’ mother used to sell goods in the market to earn a living, but last year she became sick and was unable to work. This loss of work was devastating for the family, as their only income while mom was sick came from the small jobs that Edens could find when he wasn’t in class. Imagine providing food, shelter, and medical care for a family of eight on odd jobs. That is not an easy task!

Early into the semester of his college classes, Edens’ mother contacted World Wide Village concerned about her son and requesting that he drop out of college.


With the drastic increases in gas prices due to gang violence and roadblocks, costs for traveling to and from his college classes had become unbearable.

When he traveled to Saint-Marc (about 45 minutes north of Williamson) to attend classes, he would go without food for the entire weekend.

He could not afford to pay for both transportation costs and “food on the street” as they say in Haiti.

What a sacrifice Edens was willing to make to further his education and care for his family above himself! Thankfully, Edens did not have to drop out of college.

Because of your generosity, Edens received an additional scholarship to cover the cost of transportation. That was a tremendous burden lifted off his shoulders! An angel supporter even paid rent for a year while Edens’ mom got back on her feet. It truly does take a village! 

After receiving help with rent Edens’ mother said, “I am very happy and joyful that my kids have a roof over their head. We are very grateful and pray that the Lord will bless our sponsors and World Wide Village. We would like to thank our sponsors for helping us.”

If you would like to help other students like Edens this December, you can give hope through college scholarships!


Pictured: Fleurival Family