The Delva Family is well-known in Williamson for their excellence in sewing. At a young age, Djeny learned how to sew from his grandparents. By age 15 he had discovered that he really loved sewing and was very good at it!  Djeny decided that sewing was his future and learned all he could from his grandparents. He was happy to eventually take over the family business.


Being very driven, Djeny’s learning did not stop there. He traveled to Brazil and Chile to improve his sewing skills, bringing back all he learned to his own community. Others describe him as courageous and responsible – a great combination of attributes!

After briefly closing the sewing center during the pandemic, Djeny was an obvious choice to re-start the sewing program last fall. He has seen a great need in his community for steady employment and knows that sewing can provide a new occupation for so many people – men and women, young and old.


“I want to share my experience and expertise with students in my community. Once they finish learning how to sew, they will automatically be able to join the commercial market in order to help themselves,” said Djeny. “My future goal is to see the sewing program grow… and be able to see the older students teaching the new ones.”

There are currently 23 students enrolled in the program. Djeny works alongside his younger sister to teach his students how to sew clothing for men, women and children. They also teach a class for beginners on Saturdays where they cover the basics of sewing, always teaching excellence!


We are so thankful for each of you who support World Wide Village and make programs like the sewing school possible. We are especially grateful to our Cornerstone Club members who give month after month to provide opportunities like this for the people of rural Haiti. Thank you!


Stay tuned next month to meet some of the students at the Robin’s Nest Sewing Center. Also, learn more about “pépé” – clothing sold in markets across Haiti.




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