Three years ago when World Wide Village listened to leaders in Williamson, Haiti and concerned people like you contributed…the City on a Hill project was launched.
A key component of the multi-year project has always been the medical center.  Over the past month, several key happenings have moved this project forward in exciting new ways. You have already selflessly given $110,000 toward the land acquisition, preparation of the land and the first phases of the clinic.

Now is the time to complete the final phase of the City on a Hill medical clinic!  

A generous donor from Eastern Iowa recently gave a challenge grant of $30,000.  This gift came with the understanding that WWV would raise the remaining $30,000 needed to complete and stock the medical clinic by May 31st.
Pictured: The medical clinic ready to be finished! 
World Wide Village strives to serve the physical, psychological, and spiritual health of the people in Williamson and Luly, but we can only do that through the generosity of people like you.  With your help, we can raise the final $30,000 and be able to complete construction by October 1st of 2017.  That’s just five short months until the clinic could open.  That’s exciting news!

Can we count on you to help again?  

Please consider bringing medical care to the people of Haiti today. You can act now and make a huge impact by giving to the $30,000 challenge – making this much awaited project a reality!