Pastor’s Coalition:

The pastors from Williamson and Luly continue to receive training, encouragement and resources in Creole to help disciple men in their churches.  The men’s groups have completed two books from STEP Seminary in Port au Prince. STEP Seminary is an evangelical  theological seminary that “prepares Haitian leaders to make disciples of Christ to transform their communities to glorify God.” The first book centered on understanding theology and the second on having a gospel-centered family. The men are excited to start the third book soon. 

Pictured: Skype prayer with the pastors


Teenage Discipleship:

Our most recent team in Haiti from Renovation Church spent time focusing on ministering to teenage girls in the World Wide Village schools and local churches. World Wide Village strongly desires to see these young women follow the Lord and His desires for their lives instead of what the culture may pull them toward as young women. We are thrilled that Sara Aten also has a heart for these women and will be working with our Haitian staff to continue encouraging the teenage girls in deepening their love for the Lord on an ongoing basis.  

Pictured: Discipling teenage girls  


Dental Care:

The children at Armee du Salut in Luly received much-needed flouride treatments at school last week. As with all of the World Wide Village Schools, the focus is on keeping the children as healthy as possible so they are able to focus on their studies.  Thanks to so many of you, the children in the WWV schools are receiving hot school lunches, medical care when necessary and regular dental checks.  If you have training as a dentist or dental hygienist, please consider coming to Haiti on a short-term Impact Team!  Our team discovered many children who need ongoing attention with problem teeth and there is limited access to dental care in rural areas of Haiti like Luly.  Visit to learn more! 

Pictured: Students from Armee du Salut


Kids Carnival:

“Kanaval” in Haiti is a major cultural event celebrated through a combination of music and dance. The word derives from “carnavale,” which in Latin means “meat farewell.” Celebrations for Kanaval usually begin at the end of January and end with “Fat Tuesday.”  Kanaval is marked by colorful parades, lively music, traditional art and dances throughout Haiti.  The students at Armee du Salut had a wonderful time celebrating with a dance party, costume competitions and dance competitions.  


Pictured: Finalists in the costume and dance competition

What a joy that the winner of the costume competition at Kids Carnival could celebrate with her sponsor who was spending a week in Haiti on a short-term Impact Trip!