Medical Center:

The roof on the medical center is finished!  The hurricane-safe roof went up just days before Hurricane Irma rolled through and we are thrilled to share the progress.  Our next immediate steps include installing metal doors and shutters on the windows.


In October World Wide Village will begin the process of hiring a Haitian nurse to operate our first two public health projects which will include:

  • A hypertension program to monitor and treat high blood pressure.  The number one cause of death in Haiti is stroke and the number one cause of stroke is high blood pressure.
  • A cervical cancer program to screen for and treat early signs of cervical cancer. Haiti has the highest reported rate of cervical cancer in the world.

Please pray for godly Haitian medical staff and that the Williamson and Luly communities would embrace and respond to the initial services that will be provided at the WWV medical center. 


Check out the ocean view!


First Day of School:

School started in Haiti on Monday, September 10th (delayed one week due to the visit from Hurricane Irma).  Those of us who have been serving in Haiti for the last ten years are celebrating this milestone – the first year that school has been able to start in September since the earthquake in 2010.  It’s always such a joy to see the school children dressed in their matching uniforms excitedly walking to school.  The little girls look so sweet in their black Mary Jane shoes and lacy socks and the boys in their little button-up shirts.

Pictured: Preschoolers Meadjia & Martine

We are humbled to be a part of offering education to over 700 children in three schools in Williamson and Luly through the WWV Student Sponsorship Program, as well as financially assisting two other schools in the mountains above Williamson with a total of over 250 students.  A special thanks to all of our wonderful student sponsors who give monthly to enable these children to attend school and really have hope for a brighter future.  


Kuntz Family:

Even with a heat index of 110 degrees, the Kuntz family has started building relationships and loving on the people in Williamson and Luly.  They are relieved to finally have their vehicle through customs so they are more mobile and able to spend time serving in the villages.  Please continue to pray for this wonderful family as they adjust to life in Haiti.  If you would like to support the Kuntz family financially as they serve full-time with World Wide Village, please visit:




Mirielle’s poultry program is going fantastic and she is continuing to make a profit by raising and selling broiler chickens.  Please pray for direction for World Wide Village leadership as we explore options for expanding this business to create more jobs in Williamson, Haiti.    






Q: How many cement trucks does it take to finish a roof?

A: Three!  While finishing the roof on the medical center not one, but two cement pumping trucks broke down on site. There’s never a dull moment in Haiti!  We were relieved that Gualbert Guillaume and his crew were able to quickly find another cement truck and complete the roof on schedule.    

Pictured: Broken down cement truck