Everyone, meet Phito! He has been working with World Wide Village for eight years and is known in Haiti as the “Goat Whisperer.” Phito oversees all of the City on a Hill projects – including the community well and goat program.


“I’m very grateful that WWV has trusted me and allowed me to take care of their City on a Hill projects,” he said. “What World Wide Village is doing here in Williamson is helping a lot of people in many different ways. One of the most helpful things that World Wide Village has been doing for us has been job creation. It allows me to provide for my family and gives others in my community the same opportunity.”

Growing up in a Christian home, Phito accepted Christ when he was just 13 years old. Now a father, he shares his love for the Lord with his children.


Phito also has the opportunity to share this same love with those he works with. A young father named Alex was recently hired as Phito’s assistant. It’s been a wonderful opportunity for Phito to take him under his wings as he teaches him the ropes.

“Sometimes we ask God for something and He doesn’t give it to us right away,” Phito said. “I’m learning that we must have patience. We can’t rush past God.”


This piece of wisdom was just what Alex needed to hear from Phito as he had been waiting on God to help him provide for his family. Read Alex’s story here.


A special thanks to our Cornerstone Club members who give each month to provide salaries for Phito, Alex and others. Your generosity is allowing them to continue God’s work in Haiti!