Overcoming homelessness and hopelessness – Mineze’s story


Daily life remains a struggle for Mineze, a single mother of three in Williamson, Haiti, yet with the help of her family — and World Wide Village Student Sponsors — she sends all of her children to school.

She used to work washing clothes, yet recently began to feel weak and lightheaded. Suffering from months of significant bleeding, she could no longer work and was evicted from her tiny, rented room. Her children were sleeping on her mother’s dirt floor, while Mineze slept outside on her aunt’s concrete porch. She could not afford to travel the long distance to the closest medical facility, or pay for medical care. She was homeless and hopeless.

However, in March World Wide Village’s medical team made a regular stop in Williamson, tested Mineze and found her to be severely anemic. In America, a similar patient would have received a blood transfusion. Due to limitations of operating a mobile medical clinic, the team was unable to diagnose Mineze, but funded a trip to the regional medical center – something Mineze could not afford to do on her own.

Mineze will recover, thanks to your donations and the WWV medical team.

Now imagine if doctors were already staffing World Wide Village’s City on a Hill Medical Clinic, currently under construction in Williamson. Mineze and many like her could find local medical care at a very affordable cost. Her medical problem would not have led to homelessness and hopelessness.

Thanks to your generosity, the money for the plans, foundation and concrete block walls are already collected. That’s the good news. Yet we still need to raise additional funds to finish construction and begin operations.

Would you consider donating today? You can help provide quality healthcare to a significantly underserved area of Haiti and make Christ’s love more tangible. You can help people like Mineze avoid suffering and loss like she faced. Through your gifts and our collective work, we can build City on a Hill.

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