When the sewing program first started in Williamson, 20 young women joined the program. The curriculum began very basic. Students could learn simple stitching, how to sew on buttons, clothing repair, etc. 

Once the World Wide Village Sewing Center opened and sewing machines were added, the program quickly expanded to include a full curriculum. The young women were learning to sew school uniforms and other items that they would not only use in their personal lives, but could also sew to earn an income.

As this program has expanded its curriculum, it has also expanded its reach. Jean (pictured above), recently said, “I want to start in the World Wide Village Sewing School so I can open a business. Learning to sew will help me earn money so I can start college once I complete high school. I hope to become an agronomist someday.” 

Jean is a smart young man in Haiti going into his last year of high school. He realizes that attending a university is expensive in Haiti but learning to sew will give him a skill that can provide a steady income while he works his way through college. Sewing is not just for girls!

When you support World Wide Village, you support vocational training that can provide a life-long career, or a stepping stone that will provide a way to success for young students like Jean.  Thank you for providing opportunities like this for the next generation of Haitian youth! 


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