Mr. Francois was never able to attend school growing up and often found it difficult to secure employment even in good times in rural Haiti. Despite the hardships faced by Mr. Francois and his four children over the last year, they’ve found a reason to smile!


Today, your remarkable generosity has empowered Mr. Francois with a brand new vocation.


Your support is truly transforming lives!

Our Business Coordinator in Haiti has been working with Mr. Francois for months to maximize his skills and guess what? He recently started a peanut business! He starts by buying fresh peanuts grown in the mountains, and then, using his favorite blend of spices, he slow roasts these peanuts over a charcoal fire. The end result? Delicious bags of roasted peanuts that he pairs with cold juice, selling them at the market. 


Believe it or not, a simple wheelbarrow, cooler, and funds to buy peanuts and drinks can transform a family’s life in Haiti. Since getting his business loan, you can spot Mr. Francois each day, hustling to make sales. He wakes up early to roast peanuts and then tours the community, his wheelbarrow and cooler packed with snacks for hungry customers.


The best part? The sales from his business ensure a steady income stream. But it’s even more significant than money. Mr. Francois now has a sense of dignity in his work – he’s not just receiving a handout, but a hand-up.


Besides the business micro-loan, Mr. Francois also received rent-assistance this year, and his four children are sponsored for school. Your support of World Wide Village is making a huge difference in the lives of families in Haiti. Mési anpil!