The Salvains are a beautiful family. Jean Leon & Marie live in rural Williamson and have six children. Wilson (16), Stephania (15), Bethania (11), Faranha (8) and Lolo (7) all attend school in Williamson each day thanks to monthly gifts like yours to the World Wide Village Student Sponsorship Program.


Jean Leon & Marie attend Pastor Joassaint’s church in Williamson, Haiti – worshiping each week in a new building built by your gifts to World Wide Village. Jean Leon and Marie are growing in their faith as they attend conferences led by pastors and leaders who partner with World Wide Village through the Pastor’s Coalition.  Your generosity has provided Creole discipleship materials to Jean Leon and other men in his church that encourage him in raising his family to follow Christ and deepen his own faith.


Jean Leon works hard, piecing together odd jobs and has most recently started raising the goats his family has received through the World Wide Village goat program. This family is making it work, but still face struggles.  Jean Leon dreams of one day expanding his goat herd to fully support his family.  You gave him this dream!  

The Salvains were recently blessed with a new baby named Ferlandia. Praise God that Marie’s delivery went smoothly and safely as they used a home birthing kit provided by your gifts to WWV. While Jean Leon and Marie know that their new baby is a blessing from the Lord, Ferlandia has struggled with nursing. With no permanent medical clinic available and no trained professionals to give guidance in this area, it’s been difficult on the family.  

Unable to afford the high cost of formula, parents in Haiti often resort to feeding juice or rice water to their babies, leading to malnutrition and poor health in these infants. Often these children don’t develop properly, struggle with recurring illnesses or worse. A World Wide Village permanent medical clinic could offer education, support and guidance to families with new babies. Parents could receive education on the benefit of breast-feeding and the dangers of malnutrition. They could learn about options such as pumping to provide a healthy alternative to nursing when formula is too expensive. Ferlandia could benefit from regular well-child checks to ensure healthy growth. Problems such as hydrocephaly, malnutrition, intestinal worms, and other issues that have been seen in our mobile medical clinics could be treated or avoided all together.











Your gifts to WWV have touched so many aspects of this family’s life. From worshiping on Sunday morning and providing an opportunity for education to offering sustainability through goats and accessible water right in their community. As 2016 draws to a close, would you consider giving a gift to continue blessing families in Haiti through WWV?  Now is the time to give these families hope for 2017.  

Your gifts matter…

  • $59 can provide hot school lunches for a child for a year
  • $65 can provide 4 Bibles to help spread the gospel of Jesus Christ
  • $100 can provide birthing kits to pregnant mothers
  • $128 can provide a pregnant goat to a family in need plus two months feed
  • $538 will pay the salary of one elementary teacher for a year
  • $1036 will build 33 square feet of the medical clinic under construction