This photo might not look like much, but it definitely brings excitement! The recent struggles in Haiti that caused fuel shortages and roadblocks left the World Wide Village wells (powered by fuel generators) unable to provide water.

When the well is dry, we know the worth of water.” This quote by Benjamin Franklin was never more true than during this time. With no fuel to power the well pumps, water was in short supply.

On #GivingTuesday, you came together to meet this need by providing SOLAR POWER!  Thanks to you, the World Wide Village well near the sewing center in Williamson has been fully outfitted with a new solar power system! This new system is allowing the well to be used without the need for costly fuel and is providing fresh water to hundreds of families in the area. Please know that every dollar given to this project was deeply appreciated by the people of Williamson who now have a steady supply of water. Thank you!  



After a tragic accident left 18-year old Pederson Marcellus fighting for his life, his family and community reached out for help. Pederson and his family were blown away by your willingness to give during their time of need.

Thanks to your generosity, Pederson will be able to have surgery to repair his broken jaw and reconstruct parts of his face very soon!  Unfortunately, Haiti has a limited number of surgeons able to perform this type of surgery, but thanks to you it’s only a matter of time.

Please continue to lift up Pederson in prayer, as he struggles with pain and being unable to use his jaw. Pray also for strength for his family as they care for him. Life in Haiti is not easy, and times like this are no exception, but God is at work through you and through Pederson’s family to meet his needs and be his support. Thank you for caring and praying for this young man. 



School has been back in session for over a month and the students are back to learning! With only a 61% literacy rate in Haiti, we believe that “education is a passport to the future.” Each new child who is able to attend school brings us one step closer to our goal of providing an education for every child in Williamson and Luly, Haiti!

We are so grateful for those of you who donate each month to student sponsorship. Your generosity is not only sending your own student to school without the burden of paying tuition, but is also allowing the schools to be open to so many other children, as well. We simply couldn’t do it without you!