1) How many schools does WWV support?  NINE SCHOOLS!


  • The WWV Student Sponsorship program provides funding for FIVE schools in Williamson & Luly with nearly 1,500 students.


  • World Wide Village also assists TWO primary schools in the mountains above Williamson by helping pay teachers’ salaries.


  • The WWV Sewing Center hosts ONE sewing program offering students in Williamson and Luly a new vocation.


  • HYES (Hope for the Youth English School) is a Haitian-led school in Williamson started by two local teachers. World Wide Village partners with HYES to offer an in-depth English course for students in the area. This makes NINE schools supported by WWV in Williamson & Luly!


2) What is the new name of the World Wide Village Medical Center?  ESPWA SANT SANTE!


  • Espwa Sant Sante was selected as the official name of the WWV medical center by our medical staff in Haiti. Translated it means Hope Health Center. What a fitting name as they offer hope for healing in the medical care they provide and hope for eternity as they share the gospel and love of Jesus Christ!


3) How many wells have been drilled by World Wide Village? THREE!


  • Three deep wells continue to provide fresh water to thousands of people in Williamson & Luly.


Bonus Question: What is used to power these wells? SOLAR POWER!


  • Thanks to your generosity over the last several years, each of these wells are run by solar power so even if fuel becomes unavailable, life-giving water continues to flow.


4) What is the number one cause of death in Haiti that WWV is helping prevent? STROKE


  • The blood pressure program at Espwa Sant Sante continues to serve those in Williamson and Luly with high blood pressure, offering monthly blood pressure checks and medication. With stroke being the number one cause of death in Haiti, this program is very important!

5) What new healthcare initiatives were started in 2022?  FOUR NEW INITIATIVES!


  • A new children’s vitamin program was started in 2022 providing Vitamin A and de-worming medications for young children in Williamson & Luly.
  • The Healthy Mothers + Healthy Babies program is expanding to include HIV testing and health education in the schools.
  • Wound care is also now offered at Espwa Sant Sante!

6) How is WWV helping children cope with the struggles in Haiti? By sharing the love of Christ!


  • Pastor Gary from the Armee du Salut school in Luly recently said, “As you know, the situation we are coping with in Haiti is not easy. These situations affect our children emotionally. To help them in these situations I think it is important to create moments during the weekend to spend time talking and helping them have peace of mind.”
  • World Wide Village is partnering with two pastors in Haiti to offer a Saturday morning Bible Club and a Sunday afternoon Bible Club to help share the love of Christ and be a support for children in Haiti who are struggling. Please continue to pray for the children of Haiti.



These programs are only possible because of you. 

Your ongoing generosity and prayer are helping God’s work in Haiti continue!