Thanks to your support, the fish-processing center in Luly has been repaired and the shoreline reinforced! Fishing is a greatly underutilized resource on the shores of Haiti. By helping fund this project you have done more than just fix a building. You are helping grow and support sustainable communities in Haiti. Our most recent team in Haiti also repaired a large diesel generator in Luly needed to provide a steady electrical supply for freezers that store fish.

IMG_0005 1

(Fish Processing Center – Before)


 IMG_0085 1  IMG_0093 1

(Fish Processing Center – After)

This team also helped install a new septic system and drain field at Mirielle’s chicken ranch. Even though there were a few obstacles, there is now running water, a flushing toilet and a shower! These amenities – mostly unknown in Williamson – will assist Mirielle in caring for the chickens in the poultry program.

septic 2

Building sustainability through livestock has also been a focus of WWV over the past couple years. Thanks to your support and generous donations, six more families were added to the WWV goat program last week. What a blessing these goats will be as they provide an additional form of income for these families and multiply over time! Our WWV goatherd was also moved to a permanent location on our City on a Hill property. The recent team on the ground assisted our Haitian crew in building a permanent lean-to shelter. This shelter will protect the young goats from the hot sun and inclement weather.

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One of our WWV Board members was a member on our most recent team and said, “Our collective efforts, through Christ, are gaining traction, getting noticed, and changing lives. Simply dumping money does not solve problems. So good to have people remember your name, to feel we’re making a lasting difference – with sustainable solutions.” That is the mission of WWV.




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