A New Well:

What a blessing to witness another World Wide Village well being drilled recently!  The drillers hit water at 80 feet and continued drilling to 210 feet.  Even more exciting was the fact that this new well in Williamson is producing water at 50 gallons per minute. For those of us who know nothing about well drilling, that’s a lot!  A special note of thanks to the Peace2Haiti team from Cold Springs, MN for providing the funding to make this project a reality. The well will provide fresh water to the school in Williamson as well as hundreds of families in the area.  


Pictured: The new well being dug in Williamson by Blue Ridge International for Christ


Depot Completed:

Soon after the well was dug, 18 cubic meters of concrete were poured on the roof of the depot – a large, 3-stall storage facility, that will double as the location for solar panels that to be installed in a few weeks. Every project of this type offers another training opportunity for our Haitian construction team.  Lots of hard work went into this complicated roof!    


Pictured: Cement pouring and roof construction on the depot


Medical Center Fundraiser – SO CLOSE!!

We have been blown away by your generosity and are getting so close to hitting our goal of $30,000 to meet our matching challenge and be able to complete the medical center!  So far $27, 225 has been donated toward the medical center over the last three weeks.  Our goal is to have the full $30,000 raised by May 31st and begin phase II of construction soon!  Will you help?  Anything raised above the $30,000 will be used to purchase equipment and start the process of hiring staff for the medical center.


Big News on the Guesthouse:

For those of you who have traveled to Haiti with World Wide Village, this is exciting news!  Over the last 10 years our teams have been staying in a guesthouse in Port-au-Prince during their time in Haiti.  It’s a beautiful house that has become like a second home for many of us. While this home has served as our teams well over the years, it does have some downfalls.  

The biggest downfall is the distance from the guesthouse in Port-au-Prince to the villages where we serve in Williamson and Luly.  Each day our teams travel anywhere from 1-2 hours (or 8 hours if you happen to get a flat tire!) between the guesthouse and the villages in the morning and again in the afternoon.  Our leadership has been praying that God would provide a location for our teams and staff in the community where we serve, and God has answered that prayer through a new guesthouse right in Williamson!  

This new living arrangement will help our teams build deeper relationships with the Haitians we serve. There will be more time to spend with the families in the villages during the week as travel time will be cut substantially.  Having a guesthouse in Williamson will cut down on travel expenses, so more team funds will be directed to serving the people we desire to help.

It’s a big step as we move our headquarters to Williamson – and not without some uneasiness about a new challenge, but the WWV staff and our team members are excited for this new chapter in our mission.  Now you just have to come see it for yourself!  www.worldwidevillage.org/teams


Pictured: New World Wide Village guesthouse in Williamson