Tomorrow is Valentine’s Day – a day to celebrate love and romance. Red roses and heart-shaped chocolates fill the stores. Yet these presents are trivial in comparison to the gift that you give month after month, year after year to show love to the people of Haiti.


When you look in the Bible, God’s love is described at steadfast. “But you, O Lord, are a God merciful and gracious, slow to anger, abounding in steadfast love and faithfulness.” Psalm 86:15


Here at World Wide Village, we see this same love reflected in you!


Even while many are giving up on Haiti and organizations are shutting their doors, your love and care is steadfast and unwavering. We really can’t say thank you enough for continuing to reflect God’s love to those in need. Thank you for sacrificing and choosing to do good in the world through World Wide Village!


Your steadfast love is making all this possible!


What’s Happening in Haiti?

Share your love of Haiti with a small group of friends or family through your very own Haiti Experience!

Sangela is expecting her second child amid gang violence, but Sant Sante Espwa is there to help!

Altide and her family have faced many tragedies this year, but thankfully she had somewhere to turn.



Notorious coup leader Guy Philippe was repatriated to Haiti after spending over six years in a U.S. prison.


Since then, new protests have been sparked against the current prime minister (Ariel Henry) leading up to the February 7 “peyi lok”  – a lockdown of the country.

Protesters called for Ariel Henry to step down on February 7, the traditional day for a presidential inauguration in Haiti.


Many Haitians continue to pray for international assistance to combat the escalating gang violence. A Kenyan court again blocked a UN-endorsed plan for police deployment to Haiti, yet the Kenyan president continues to assure Haiti of its plan to send a police force sooner rather than later.


As February 7 came and went, violence continues to simmer. It is becoming more and more difficult for our Haitian friends to keep hope for a better future.




Many families are going through tremendous difficulty right now in rural Haiti. These families have been displaced from their homes and are living with friends or relatives. Countless have lost their vocations and even putting food on the table is now a challenge.


Thanks to you, these families are receiving individual help in many different ways.

Some of these sweet families have received rent assistance so they have a safe place to live while they cannot return home. Others are receiving help with school supplies so they can be successful in school despite the deep poverty they face. Even more are receiving financial assistance as they have lost all their belongings as gangs set fire to homes.


In these darkest days, you are giving fresh hope and so many families are beyond grateful.