As a WWV team member, you have unique insights into the work of WWV and a valuable perspective about life in Haiti. Each step you take to stay involved builds upon your service in Haiti and expands its reach, enabling you to continue serving even after you return home.  

#1: Become a WWV Ambassador

Continue the mission of World Wide Village from home as a WWV Ambassador! Become a committed volunteer and strive to share the vision of WWV with others. Read more…


#2: Become a Student Sponsor

Student Sponsorship is the foundation of our school programs and provides an invaluable personal connection to a student. Education can break the cycle of poverty for children in Haiti. For only $32 per month you can help provide a brighter future for a child in need. Learn more… 

#3: Join the Cornerstone Club

Members of the Cornerstone Club support the ongoing expenses and operating costs of WWV. While not flashy, it is the foundation of our organization. Giving $2.74 a day ($1,000 per year as a recurring monthly gift) helps provide salaries for our Haitian staff and the ongoing expenses for City on a Hill and other WWV projects. When you give at the Cornerstone Club level you become the foundation of World Wide Village and will receive regular updates from our staff and Board of Directors. Read more… 

World Wide Village Team

#4: Share your story!

We love it when our team members tell the stories of the people you met, stories of how God worked in your heart while in Haiti, or stories of your first impressions of Haiti.  God gets the glory when we “return home and declare what He has done!”  Share your stories by e-mailing Kim Anderson at  

#5: Identify a presentation opportunity for WWV

Share your experiences in Haiti with your workplace, church, civic group, school, book club or with family and friends. We have materials available to help with these presentations. We can also arrange for someone from WWV to give a presentation to your group. Help us get the word out about what God is doing in Haiti!


#6: Host a fundraiser

Organize a fundraising drive at your local school, church or community group to raise money for the mission of WWV in Haiti. Host a fundraising dinner, plan a 5K race, design and sell t-shirts, or take part in a Change Challenge. Read this great resource from our friends at MobileCause on 24 FUNdraising ideas.  The options are limitless!

#7: Stay in touch

Keep up with WWV’s programs by reading our ongoing e-mails, browsing our blog, and following us on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram to learn the latest news from WWV. Also, let us know what you or your team members are up to and how you’re staying connected to WWV. We love to hear your stories of how God worked during your trip to Haiti with WWV.  Share your stories HERE!  We would love to hear from you!  

The Haiti Hangover

As you return to home after your time in Haiti, it can often be a challenge to return to “life as normal” and we want to help you with this transition!  One of our short-term teams has coined this term, the “Haiti Hangover” and they have put together a great resource – Returning Home from Haiti – that can assist you in this transition.  Please know that we hope that you won’t return to “life as normal” after Haiti, but that you will take your experiences and let God work in your life as you figure out how to continue the mission you started in Haiti from home and apply what God may have taught you during this time.