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The Impact of Sponsorship – Part I

We’ve all heard the stories of children in Haiti whose lives have been changed by sponsorship. Stories of the children from families who are unable to pay for school, but thanks to generous sponsors, now have the chance at a brighter future. It’s definitely heartwarming, but how do we know it really makes a difference?

Easter Gifts for Sponsored Students

There’s nothing more touching than watching a child in Haiti receive a special gift from their sponsor.  It really can be so significant in the life of a child.  With this in mind, we are excited to offer you the opportunity to give a special Easter gift to your sponsored student.   For $20 you can provide: “The Story of Jesus”

Letters for Students

        I recently read an article about the far-reaching impact that student sponsorship can make in the life of a child and it specifically spoke of the beautiful impact that personal letters can make. The writer said that, “the letters sponsors write to their children are the greatest form of encouragement… For many

Faces of Haiti – Divine Appointments

Ouslow Normil and Rebecca live in Williamson, Haiti with their four children – Tibasson (age 10), Berlanda (age 6), Bernica (age 4) and their youngest, Tyler Charles (age 2). The oldest three spend their days with dad and their younge brother while their mother works in the market. Up until the last two years, Ouslow worked

A Recent Study by The World Bank

Joseph Woaly sits at a desk in the middle of a classroom. He’s been overseeing students for over seven years in a primary school in Haiti. Small children in pink uniforms and laughing girls with pink ribbons in their braided dark hair, walk by him. Years ago, his dream was for his own children to

Schoolbooks for Haiti

Excitement filled the air as the children in the WWV schools finished their last day of school before summer break. The younger children were excitedly skipping around the playground as the older students concentrated on their exams. In Haiti, year-end exams are crucial. Students must pass these exams in the older grades in order to

“She was in awe that someone cared for her.”

A story from World Wide Village supporter, Sue Masek.   Deeply ingrained in the culture of the impoverished former slave colony, the practice of poor families giving away children to wealthier acquaintances or relatives is not uncommon in Haiti.  A restavek is a child in Haiti who is sent by his or her parents to work for

Student Sponsorship through World Wide Village

Interested in more details about Student Sponsorship through World Wide Village?  Learn more on our WWV Student Sponsorship flyer.  To impact the life of a child by sponsoring their education for only $32 per month, visit the Student Sponsorship page on our website.  Impact a child.  Impact the future.       Enjoy our 2015 World Wide Village



Altime-Rosemata is waiting for a sponsor. Your support will help provide Altime-Rosemata with a quality Christian education, hot school lunches, periodic medical check ups and most importantly, encouragement from someone who cares about her. With your help, Altime-Rosemata will gain the skills to become a productive citizen, in her community and the world. Impact Altime-Rosemata