October 2019 Field Update

 The nation of Haiti continues to experience uncertainty and struggle due to protests over the current economic and political situation. Roads are blocked by those in opposition to the current government which is creating food scarcity and soaring prices,...

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Not Just for Girls!

When the sewing program first started in Williamson, 20 young women joined the program. The curriculum began very basic. Students could learn simple stitching, how to sew on buttons, clothing repair, etc. Once the World Wide Village Sewing...

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More Than Medicine

More than anything else that WWV strives to accomplish in Haiti, sharing the gospel and furthering God's Kingdom are the most important!Compared to most other medical missions organizations, the focus of World Wide Village is not on the number of patients...

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No Boundaries in Education

While on a college campus recently, a quote etched into a wall made me stop and think. It read… “There are no boundaries in education.” I’ve also read similar inspiration from successful rocket scientist Natalie Panek who says, “Learning knows no...

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Why Haiti?

  World Wide Village board members were recently asked a simple question... Why Haiti? Bill Brass, a board member from Minnesota shared his heart with us and we want to share it with you. “I have been thinking about this a lot and there is no simple...

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September 2019 Field Update

EDUCATION:   September marks an exciting time of year in Haiti - BACK TO SCHOOL! Unfortunately, the excitement this year has been dampened by several struggles the country is facing. Fuel shortages are causing major difficulty for teachers and...

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Remembering a Friend

Casting Crowns has a beautiful new song entitled “Only Jesus.”  The lyrics read, “I don’t want to leave a legacy; I don’t care if they remember me; only Jesus. I've only got one life to live; I'll let every second point to Him; only Jesus.”  These lyrics...

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An Extraordinary Story of Healing

When 13-year old Gislene Theus visited the World Wide Village medical center in March, her prognosis did not look good. There were several very deep sores on her arm and the physicians from our medical mission team knew she needed further treatment for...

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Chelsea Godina recently returned from Haiti after serving on a mission trip with a youth team from her church in Ogallala, Nebraska. We are so thankful for people who come to serve in Haiti - mission trip team members like Chelsea who are willing to give...

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August 2019 Field Update

YOU are helping one family at a time in rural Haiti! Because you care enough to support World Wide Village, families are being blessed on a daily basis through education, medical care and agriculture.  We want you to meet Adlana, Maslene,...

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